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October 5, 2015

Instructions and Policy


Subject To Change Anytime Members Can:

  • Access Our Site Through FB Secured Login
  • Read The WobbleMe Post
  • View The Video Gallery
  • Post An Article Or Report On A Current Article Or Write Up Their Own
  • Upload A Profile Photo
  • Member Posting Privacy Options
  • Create A Group With Privacy Options
  • View The Hall Of Shame (Coming Soon)
  • Leave Comments
  • Socialize
  • Meet People Who Have Something In Common
  • Get Informed And Educated
  • Create Positive Activities
  • And More


Subject To Change Anytime Members Restrictions:

  • No Stalking, No Hacking Us, No Spamming, No Threatening Or Anything That Is Meant To Damage Our Site Or Staff (Determined By Staff)
  • No Censoring Freedom Of Speech (Determined By Staff)
  • No Illegal Activity (Determined By Staff)
  • No Porn  (Determined By Staff)
  • No Advertising (Determined By Staff)
  • Abusive Members May Get Banned, Suspended, Deleted, Warned, Bad Content Removed, Etc. (Determined By Staff)
  • You May Be Sued By Us For Violating Our Own Copyright (Determined By Staff)
  • No Discrimination (Determined By Staff)
  • Publishing Or Posting Should Be Done By The Best Of One’s Knowledge Or Ability Or Both