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June 8, 2015


The WobbleMe team is made up of independent individual’s who are passionate of real freedom and have been or still are victims of corporate government corruption. Our mission is to investigate and expose all the frauds to inform all on the land while educating them so that they may have the ability to make their own decision and not a one sided bias one. We also intend to provide a few tools so if the public wants to engage they may do so with the sense of knowing what they’re engaging in. 




As a former founder of a group still active today in L.A and surviving poverty, I have been fighting this illegitimate criminal government since I was a child. For me it was never about colors, race, streets, power, money, hoes or fame. My mother R.I.P told me the true meaning of a gangster, she said the reason why gangsters were formed was to protect the community and each other, this completely made sense to me, because as a child I could see others claiming to be gangsters had no meaning or lost its meaning. Therefore, I started at a young age peeping my surrounding understanding the street code, as a founder I hoped our members could realize what I did, the fight isn’t with each other, the fight is with the problem. By this time I did know some laws people through out there, but nothing as I know now. In Cali before I knew all that I know today, as a child, I witnessed a racist cop illegally profile one of my sisters, my cuz which was pregnant and myself. Then, because my cuz told the racist cop to leave us alone, the cop gets out of his car and beats her all while we are telling the ignorant pig she is with child. Later we learned she sued and won her case. I witness pigs abuse some of my peers for walking down the street, I was kidnapped by the pigs in order to make me turn rat even went as far as to falsify documents which would of put me in prison for life, that didn’t work as I left that station with all those corrupted pigs flipping them off and cursing at all of them. Time passed I took my family out of Cali into Colorado for a different life and thought I could leave the shit behind, till the APD attempted to murder me in front of my family and that ignited everything, but on a higher level, they destroyed us and meant to keep us there. By the way I won that case on my terms and even had the judge on my side, which is unheard of, but these pigs underestimated us, we came up stronger, I never forgot what they did so when these pigs attempted to prosecute one of my kids, it was on, so we studied law and all the case law, we could read, I had my kid pro se his own case at age 13 at the end he won and set the pace for the youth to stand up. This is the point I decided to apply both street knowledge with political knowledge, I asked myself how could I make all these bitches pay, so I studied even more putting myself under sleepless nights getting more educated about history and the truth. At this point I have accomplished changing policy in the educational system, have rocked legislators in town meetings, have expose government and corporations, have been a spiritual guide for others, etc.. Shortly after the pigs would commit another illegal act against my family, by executing a Gestapo blockade, misconduct, placing innocent people in harms way, etc. all while acting like a bunch of lame cowboys (We have a first of its kind major lawsuit on this matter). I still till this day make them pay one way or another. This is a short version why I do battle with this corrupted corporate government.

An important thing others should know is that the creator guides me, I believe everything in my life has come for a reason. I want no petty, if anything I hope you’re inspired to rise up and fight back every chance one gets.