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    The best way I could prove my point to others and bloodline, is by having them witness it themselves, so one of my nieces went to file a police report due to someone threatening her, who she associates with and her family. Well, when she asked the pig with a tin badge and even allowed him to hear a recording of the threat, the lazy worthless pig turned it around and told her, to be considered a threat he would have to of directly text you (question how more direct do you need then a direct records to her face), shot harmed you, or killed you, in fact, he would have more grounds than you because you had no business around the job site, unless you came to pick up your check (she was there to pick up her check stupid, which clearly by the lazy pig’s own words confirmed she had all rights to be at the job site. So I asked my niece what did you learn, she said, I learned that they are worthless, rob us of our hard earn income to sit on their lazy asses and protect those who threaten to commit crimes and or commit crimes. I then said good, you are now ahead of your time.