Warning: My statement is based on logic and reasoning – I have the benefit of not having been ‘trained’ to think like a barrister, solicitor, slave, etc. – in fact, I have not been ‘trained’ to think like anybody – I tend to think for myself, which it appears very few people do these days… most preferring it seems to be ‘guided’ conveniently to the same conclusions as of the criminal ruling elite.

The basis of my thinking is that no individual on this planet has the right (or authority) to tell any other individual what to do unless they have given their consent. We are governed by consent. But we give our consent unwittingly – and that is how they control us. Withhold your consent you take back control of your life.


–All Acts are ‘statutes’ known variously as legislation, regulations, rules, arbitrary, self-made beliefs, etc.. They are not laws. Statutes are often incorrectly referred to as laws by ‘trained’ barristers, solicitors, bigots, slaves, etc. but the correct interpretation would be ‘black letter law’, “Arbitrary”, etc. (meaning statutes) which are distinguishable from ‘law’ and for a purpose, the purpose being that statutes and laws are different. If Acts were laws they wouldn’t be called ‘Statutes.’ Fraudulent governments or governments know the distinction or they should which it quite rightly maintains and quietly leaves out. Look at any Act and you will notice the absence of many things including the individual’s sole consent – that will give you the first clue that there is a difference. Fraudulent government’s, corporations, etc. maintains the distinction between statutes and laws because those ‘in the know’ use this knowledge for their personal benefit. What benefits may you ask? Well the many they tell the public they can’t do but that the opposite side can. All the many things that are within natures law and are prohibited through extortion, etc..

–A ‘statute’ is defined as a rule, regulation, arbitrary, etc. of a society – they are a self-made perversion of legislation used to govern that society. Statutes are subject to the consent of the society – and this is called individual consent and not collective consent.

–The distinction between a law and a statute is that a law applies equally to us all via an individual’s sole consent but statutes can be made to favor one sector of society over others, for example, people with disabilities are given preferential parking privileges (which is fair enough), but politicians have given themselves special dispensations to their own selves which is a violation of laws and puts the public at a disadvantage that the public should find outrages from any public servant.

–There is a compulsion to obey laws. Real laws defend our freedoms and liberties and through them, we live in peace and harmony with our neighbors. Failure to comply with real laws would render an individual many things, a bigot, a tyrant, a criminal, inhuman, etc.. If you do not respect the real laws then it can afford you no protection.

–Obeying statutes is voluntary i.e. with our sole consent. Any individual can withdraw their consent to being governed (controlled) by the statutes of a society.

–Consent must be given by the individual and not by a collective on behalf of the individual –this is called a dictatorship by the majority just like nationalism is fascism.

“Fascism “is a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition and control of industry and commerce, which came from racist European self-made white privilege beliefs, etc..”

Not to mention divide and keep the human population ignorant. There is no freedom in having to do whatever you are told. Each individual must have and has the absolute right to give and withhold their sole consent. This enshrines the foundation of all real absolute individuals natural rights, natures, and natural laws – individual freedoms.

They are not ready for real shit…!