With this most recent Colorado Supreme Court’s 4-3 decision The so-called government has officially waged war against the Colorado Constitution by self declaring inferior public servants and its limited granted power more superior then Supreme law of Colorado. But it doesn’t stop there it declares itself more superior then the people of Colorado by overreaching.

These criminals would have the public believe this is how the rule of law works instead all this is is the rule of man not anything close to the rule of law.

“I thank the court in reaching the common-sense conclusion that during this public health crisis, the legislature can pause and return back when it’s safe to do so,” said Democratic Sen. Majority Leader Steve Fenberg. “This ruling means that when we return to the Capitol, we’ll have time to pass legislation to get Colorado’s families, businesses, and economy back on their feet.”

The Legicriminals, the Executorcriminal nor the Colorado Supreme Court Judicialcriminals public servants are not the Supreme law. For either of them or all of them to overthrow the instrument they swore an oath to and act as such is not only treasonous, criminal, an act of war, perverted, a direct attack on the public it self, etc..

This is the rule of law.

The state constitution which is the Supreme law requires the legislature to conclude its work after 120 days. Over the years, the requirement has been interpreted to mean 120 consecutive days, essentially a four-month-long session.

The Legicriminals might have passed a joint rule more than a decade ago, but it is mandated to be consistent with the Colorado Constitutional, Supreme law because in the form that these criminals are portraying it the Colorado Constitution falls from being superior to a mere inferior instrument of just empty words.

The joint rule said, “…in response to the H1N1 viral pandemic, the General Assembly construes this provision to be ‘one hundred twenty separate working calendar days (when) the Governor has declared a state of disaster emergency due to a public health emergency.’ ”

The court on Wednesday said that rule was valid, meaning the 120 working days didn’t need to happen in a four-month span.

This is not only dangerous, but absolutely perverted because instead of upholding the controlling instrument the perverts are unlawfully overthrowing it and applying the rule of man. It comes to question if these criminals understand if the Constitution is but just mere inferior empty words, then all branches, its subdivisions, public servants are rendered completely empty as well.

The question: is the instrument the controlling or the subordinates that are inferior to that instrument that allows those subordinates to function with mandated limits the controlling authority.

I would be extremely careful if I were any of these perverts that work in concert to unconstitutionally overthrow the Colorado Constitution not to mention the U.S. Constitution, etc.. Any and all of these perverts should be immediately criminally prosecuted and civil litigation brought.

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