“We don’t believe in oppressing the mind instead we believe in feeding its curiosity and then watching it grow into the amazing things it will unfold.” -WobbleMe


WobbleMe and Staff grew from a tree with many roots, diverse and alike at the same time, we still maintain remembering where we come from. Information and education is important because a well informed individual is an individual that isn’t so easily slaved. That individual knowing the truth to the best of their ability will most likely make a sound decision.

Today’s battle for information and education is more important than ever because the world is full of dictators, deceivers, manipulators, bigots, bias ill individuals, history full of lies and an ignorant population.

“And just because you have colleges and universities doesn’t mean you have education.” -X

WobbleMe and Staff is an independent, informative network, we provide information and education to the public. We tell it how it is or provide it from other means so that the underdogs have a voice where most of the time there isn’t one. And openly exercise our absolute natural right to criticize all the injustice possible and not to remain silent or forced to remain silent on important issues that matter.

  • To have the opposition always guessing
  • To pull the opposition’s card
  • To shake the very floor the opposition walks on
  • To stir up public discussion