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    Let us not forget to mention that in Colorado the pigs apply the “express consent law” under duress I argued it was unconstitutional in all forms to apply especially against A20. Very few couldn’t grasp at the time how and some individual’s I believe even laughed at the thought. What the express consent does is strips an individual of certain protections and natural rights and then it consents for an individual by force due to the fact if an individual refuses their Driver’s License will be terminated. This is called guilt without having to prove it which is repugnant because it is also used to help prosecute an individual who refuses to consent to unreasonable searches and seizures or who exercises the 5th amendment protections, etc.. Those who laughed well, I’m the last one laughing a few other so called States, which may or may not have so called cannabis laws in it’s law books have already ruled such acts unconstitutional.

    In its 6-1 ruling, the court found that the tests were in essence searches and the law punishes people for exercising their constitutional right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.