April 6, 2017


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Policy And Agreement

We take no responsibility, accountability, nor liability for any public information or education, by us or person(s) or entity. All copyright or trademark belong to each site and its owner(s), we claim no copyright or trademark of others but our own. We believe if all information was not meant to be spread, then all information could be placed as completely private, again we help spread information. We are not lawyers, nor acting as such, nor giving legal advice. What people choose to do with such information is solely by their consent only. This is subject to change by the will of the owner of this site, owner of this domain, etc.. WobbleMe is an Independent, nonprofit organization, we expose the truth to the best of our knowledge and or ability or both. All government may that be the legislative, executive, judicial branches, city, town, homerule, etc., have no expectation of privacy.