WobbleMe reporters are made up of independent individual's that provide local and worldwide news so that the public can be informed and educated. We believe there is a major lack of equality, fairness and it has been this way for far too long. Each independent reporter that associates themselves with WobbleMe must follow our terms, service and policy.

WobbleMe believes that those who are suppose to make sure government agents and corporations are not abusing their position choose to ignore the malicious acts being committed right under their noses. And therefore we believe that independent individual's duty and responsibility is to take action and engage. To perform some of these duties and responsibilities include, for example, but not limited to enforcing our absolute natural right to film, educate, inform, engage, etc.. We want every corrupt individual to know that when those entrusted refuse to act and close their eye's our eye's will be wide open ready to expose their corruption.

WobbleMe will use every tool that is available to us to meet or exceed our mission. Let this be a warning to all public servants and corporations that they aren't above the real laws and if or when they commit such unlawful acts they should expect us.