How many times have we heard about tight corrupt communities who think they’re above real law?


Netherlands Colorado in Boulder got a first-hand lesson in liberty by a dozen freedom of speech and press activist, etc..

Boch v Westminister Mall CO.

We granted certiorari to review Bock v. Westminster Mall Co., 797 P.2d 797 (Colo. App.1990), in which the court of appeals held that individual members of “The Pledge of Resistance” did not have a protected right to distribute leaflets in the common areas of Westminster Mall *56 (“Mall”), a privately-owned commercial and retail center. The issue here is:

Whether Article II, Section 10 of the Colorado Constitution prevents the private owner of an enclosed shopping mall from excluding individual’s engaged in non-violent political speech from the common areas of the mall?

For the reasons stated below, we reverse the judgment of the court of appeals. Within the public spaces of the Mall, Article II, Section 10 protects petitioners’ rights to distribute political pamphlets and to solicit signatures pledging non-violent dissent from the federal government’s foreign policy toward Central America.

These tight group communities need to be dismantled and exposed just like Morgan Clownty, Elbert Clownty, etc. while not forgetting about the bigger Clownties. For far too long so-called gov. have been allowed to portray themselves as saints all while committing countless crimes against society. It is individual’s that speak out on important issues which expose the truth that so many ignore or say won’t, can’t happen to them till it does. The sad thing is so many would rather maintain a fake image they will do anything to keep it going.