With a group effort, we acquired both Nomad’s aka Abade documentation and have asked Nomad for permission* to release some of the documents so that the public can better understand his situation. These documents have been edited slightly for the purpose of Abade privacy and ongoing active case.

In our own opinion after analyzing these documents and the history of corruption in this kangaroo courthouse that Shawn Day runs we have come to our best conclusion that the public servants have falsely accused and falsely arrested Nomad with trumped-up charges. The public can see how the public servants beginning statements paint Nomad as this terrible individual but when further investigated the narrative text report done by public servant Mr. White tells a different story and seems to favor Nomad. The public servant Gehler retracts her malicious story after viewing Nomad’s youtube video so she would not perjure herself if and when it goes to trial.

Nomad has given permission to release these documents so that the public can see for themselves how a corrupt municipality acts when it is allowed to police itself. Without Nomads video Gehler’s and Marshall’s malicious story would be admitted as truth.

In our opinion, we can’t stress how important it is to record public servants especially when they abuse their limited granted power. Public records are important so that the public can understand what type of individual’s are allowed to handle important issues and how they can abuse self-granted power when the public eye isn’t looking. Criticizing or an individual’s viewpoint of public servants isn’t a crime, even if some of the public disagrees with the way individual take action to stop corruption.

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We caught Kim Lying on Camera..” Calling the Police for no damn reason. Please share share share.. This has to stop.. #BBQBecky #PermitPatty #KimTheLiar

Kim Gehler the Jury Commissioner at the Aurora Colorado Municipal Court house caught maliciously lying to marshalls that caused an innocent Navy Vet to be criminally charged and taken to jail.. How can anyone in Aurora get a fair trial when city employees fabricate false charges. Here Is some of the fake statements she made. On 06/12/2018 Marshalls incident Report Marshal #307782. ” Abade yelled that he was going to sue her all the while calling her expletives and cursing in a loud tone voice.” Kim Gehler also made the statement that Abade was shouting “look at me you b*tch, I’m f*cking talking to you”! Please watch the video and contact Shari Frankin Aurora Employee Specialist 303 739 7401