The public needs to do more research on the veteran Matthew Riehl he is described as a good kid growing up and before he served. After he served and came back, he had PTSD, but was still trying to fit back in as a civilian. He studied law for a short time and that didn’t work out, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t know the law enough to apply it properly when he was being violated. In his mind as many vets, they still feel a duty to uphold those constitutions they swore to, unlike these criminal politicians.

Spurlock needs to be completely investigated because Matthew Riehl challenged him in the open that he would take his position. Matthew Riehl was acting just as he was trained to analyze all threats foreign or domestic, and to take out the trash. Some keep talking about Matthew Riehl like he was evil somehow for defending himself against a threat. The videos and documents released painted a different story than the one the media and these politicians are feeding the public. Matthew Riehl was at one point placed in an M1 then released due to the fact they had nothing to hold him on and he proceeded to file a suit. He was put on a secret list most don’t even know about as a threat based off that M1 that never stuck and that he owned guns. But the evidence shows that he was really placed on that for his speech and criticism against what he felt within his rights as corrupt PD’S. Being on that list marked the way he was marked it was only a matter of time. His mistake that night was thinking he would receive any type of civil help by what is called a worthless PD not properly trained and cowboy type arrogance. The untrained officer Zack Parrish had absolutely no authority to turn Matthew’s request for a restraining order against his roommate into an M1 just because Mr. Riehl was frustrated and slammed the door in Zack Parrish face. In fact, the only one trying his best to de-escalate the issue was Matthew Riehl and Mr. Riehl is heard demanding a warrant multiple times (no warrant ever produced nor was the unconstitutional M1 entry valid). All going against Matthew Riehl for defending himself are ignorant of the facts, those documents, and real law. The City, Spurlock or his ranking officers or all three admit Mr. Riehl’s didn’t meet an M1. Officer Zack Parrish ranking superiors, including Spurlock failed Mr. Riehl’s, the public, their fellow officers for not properly supervising and denying Zack Parrish the crimes he and the PD were about to commit and did commit.

The only reason Spurlock is in support of the “Red Flag” garbage is to save face, but none of this bullshit will bring back the two lives that didn’t need to end. It becomes clearer when you actually do research.

Who ambushed who?

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